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Business bloggers write about more than just finance and entrepreneurship. Medical bloggers mix education with simplicity so information is accurate and easily digestible. Medical blogging includes dentistry, medical supply companies, psychology, private practice, and many other segments of the health industry.

Content writing can benefit both small and large businesses regardless of their specialty. Dentists, accountants, psychologists, jewelers, attorneys, realtors, coaches, surgeons, wedding planners, tech support, massage therapists, supply retailers and plenty of other professionals attract clients with fresh website content from business bloggers.

With steady web content, business and medical bloggers make it possible for companies to reach a wide range of potential customers. SEO is included for all business blogging services.

What You Will Get

  • Inexpensive, fast turnaround for multiple topics

  • Accurate grammar and spelling

  • SEO services

  • Tone matching

  • Availability

  • An article that can boost traffic without sounding gimmicky

Press Releases

Press releases are designed to promote small businesses by sharing newsworthy events with the public. They are typically written in a journalistic style and are designed for business sites or newspapers. Newsworthy events within a company can include campaign launches, new hires, additional products, or achieving a company goal.

What You Will Get

  • A professional press release for media outlets

  • An SEO formatted title for multiple social media platforms

  • Tone matching

  • A fast turnaround

Technical Writing

Technical writers are similar to business bloggers, but focus on the mechanics of a product or service. While medical bloggers frequently detail instruments used for specific surgeries, almost all industries have their own need for technical writing.

Technical writing can include product reviews, in-depth descriptions, and instruction manuals. Handbooks designed for employees are often outsourced to cover multiple aspects of company culture. Employee handbooks review individualized success metrics as well as basic safety regulations.

What You Will Get

  • A clear and comprehensive overview of the company's goals

  • How success is measured within the business

  • A brief outline examining compensation and benefits

  • A female-friendly guide for both men and women


Time-sensitive essays can be stressful for anyone. They are typically longer than blog posts and may require additional focus. Many people choose to hire an essayist to increase efficiency and performance.

What You Will Get

  • Professionalism

  • Complete essays on any subject

  • Research

  • Correct grammar and spelling

  • An experienced writer

About Me

I write in all different genres for all types of publications. My work includes writing Op-Eds, content copy, books, magazine articles, short stories, and poetry. Topics include medical, fiction, finance, marketing, real estate, etc.

My blog, Object Relations, was made into a book in 2017. Each post is about an object. The term "Object Relations" is a variation of psychoanalytic theory invented by Melanie Klein. Klein highlights the impact of early developmental relationships by focusing on experience rather than biology.

My current body of work is called "Selfie". It is a series of medical poems, each published in a separate medical journal. Each poem details a body part or medical issue that can be seen throughout the world. Journals span from the United States to the UK and Canada.